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Angel, founder of Angel Motors, was born in a rural area of Mexico.  As the first-born in his family, Angel had little opportunity in the countryside.  There were no hospitals, no schools and no running water.  Alongside his father, Jesus, Angel worked in the rugged mountainous region of Michoacan.  Agriculture was the main source of sustenance for the family, and hard work was ingrained into Angel's spirit as a young child.  Like many poor Mexicans from the State of Michoacan, Angel saw America as the land of opportunity. 

At the age of 16, Angel crossed the Mexico-U.S. border for the first time.  Landing first in Northern California to work as a migrant laborer, Angel's perseverance to succeed kept him employed picking apples, strawberries, and grapes.  After three years of working, Angel began washing dishes in the restaurant business in Los Angeles, California.  He started at the bottom and made his way to cook.  Learning to speak English opened the door to better opportunities.

Angel married at the early age of 20 and began a family.  His wife, an American citizen, bridged the gap between his youth in Mexico and his adulthood as an American migrant.  Driven by the hope for his new family and the obligation to give them the opportunities he did not have as a child, Angel sought a way to earn a better living.  He continued to work as a cook but saw greater chances to make a living.

Selling his first car to a co-worker for $1600 to make a nice profit,  Angel began his change into the car business.  With no formal education and no knowledge of reading or writing English, Angel began his business, Angel Motors.  After more than 30 years in business, Angel Motors is Angel's legacy.  From the countryside of Michoacan, Mexico to Santa Rosa, California, Angel continues to live by his hard work ethic, honesty and integrity. 



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